Outdoor Skills Challenge Under the Stars

Experience an exhilarating nighttime event showcasing youth patrols and outdoor expertise.

The Skills You Will Need

  • Teamwork
    • How well you work as a team is critical not only so that you can score well, but so that you’ll actually enjoy the event. Some challenges are specifically designed to test your teamwork and communication.
  • Observation and Stealth
    • We call this Night OPS for a reason. You should be fairly silent and stealthy (but not at risk to your safety). Some challenges will test your ability to be quiet and observe your surroundings. Failure to be stealthy may get you wet. #SuperSoakers
  • Map & Compass
    • Your ability to use a map and compass to pinpoint locations on a map when given a set of bearings will be tested. How well you use that map to navigate will determine how efficiently you travel from station to station. Get a good compass.
  • First Aid
    • We will give your patrol one or more first aid scenarios that you must respond to. This could include bleeding, broken bones, sprains, heart attacks, hypothermia, heat stroke, snake bites, etc.
  • Fire Building
    • We will task your patrol with building a fire to accomplish a specific task. Your fire building and fire safety skills will be tested. Reference the patrol supply list for what you are allowed to bring.
  • Water Safety
    • You will not be swimming or going in/on the water, but we will test your knowledge and skills in water safety through a knowledge test and skill challenge.
  • Ropes & Lashings
    • Your patrol will be asked to build a structure or tool out of the supplies provided at this station and then complete a task. Structures/tools could include: a signal tower, fishing pole, A-frame, and more.
  • Night Navigation
    • Remember those maps and compass skills? Now we will test your ability to follow a set of bearings and your ability to accurately take bearings. A good compass will serve you well.
  • Morse Code
    • We will give you the decoder sheet (so you don’t have to memorize morse code) but don’t let that fool you. Accurately decoding a message takes teamwork, focus, and patience.
  • Time Management
    • This is a timed event and takes place at night. You may want to plan the best way to go to all of the stations so that you maximize your time and minimize your travel. 
    • All of the events are planned so that you should be able to complete them all in the time allotted. All stations have a maximum amount of time that you can spend attempting the challenge.

Experience the Thrill

Engage in exciting challenges that test your skills and foster teamwork

Skill Challenges

Learn essential first aid techniques and skills to handle emergencies in the wilderness.

Patrol Formation

Master the art of navigating in the dark using maps, compasses, and natural landmarks.

Patrol Equipment Requirements

Make sure you have all the gear you need to survive the night.

Our Story

Alabama Night Ops partnered with Night Ops Adventures and Common Grounds to provide thrilling challenges that test skills and promote teamwork.

Why Choose Alabama Night Ops?

Unleash your potential, foster teamwork, and create lasting memories with our tailored nighttime challenges.

Safety First

We prioritize safety by having separate competitions for Trailmen and American Heritage Girls, ensuring a secure environment and having licensed EMTs on staff.

Youth Empowerment

Empowering youth aged 11 to 18 through challenging activities that promote camaraderie, skills development, and confidence building.

Start Your Night Ops Journey

Join Alabama Night Ops now to embark on an exciting adventure of skill-building and teamwork under the night sky.

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