Night Ops started as Mafeking in 2000, when Steve Nafziger and other adults from Troop GA-0594 found the idea and modified it for their troop. In the beginning, it was just one troop. Then other troops found out and asked to join. Then, the sister troops asked to join.

Now, they have two weekend events – one for Trail Life Troops and one for American Heritage Girl Troops. Each weekend in 2021 had an average of 19 troops with 170 youth forming 32 patrols and 92 adults.

AHG Troop AL-0125 started going in 2019 and loved it. We’ve loved it so much we decided we needed to do our own. We worked with Beth and team to come up with our own flavor of Night Ops. We hope you like ours just as much.

Event Staff

This event could not happen without a lot of volunteers. We have outlined the different volunteer positions that are needed to run a Night Ops event of this size. Job Descriptions coming soon.

  • Event Organizers (1-3)
  • Health & Safety Leads (2)
  • Treasurer (1)
  • Advance Team Volunteers (2)
  • Registration Team Volunteers – (6)
  • Station Leaders (8)
  • Station Volunteers (32)
  • Scoring Team (4-6)
  • Camp Masters (4-8)
  • Patrol Check-In Organizers (2-4)
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