Patrol Member Assignments

As patrol leader, assign a patrol member to each of the following positions. A patrol member can have more than one position if needed.

Patrols should be a minimum of 4 youth or a maximum of 7 youth. We highly recommend that you split any groups of more than 7 into 2 patrols.


He will be lead man for your patrol. He will need to be expert at map and compass.

  • Know how to orient a map.
  • Know how to take a bearing.
  • Know how to give a bearing.

PDFs of instructions with practice maps can be found under RESOURCES. Before a patrol is sent out, the navigator will demonstrate that he knows this skill. A quick refresher will be provided if needed.


He is to work with navigator. Have a second compass. You can have all members of the patrol do this. This lets you double check each other and teach the skill to others in your patrol.


Knowledge of how to tie knots and lashings.


Knowledge of basic first aid skills. Someone who has his demonstrated solid first aid skills would be a good pick.


When a patrol nears one of their destinations, the patrol hangs back and sends their scout to make contact with the station leader. The patrol scout identifies his patrol number to the station leader. The station leader will verify that this is the station they are seeking and give him instructions for his patrol.


Each patrol should have a cell phone with them that is fully charged and on (turn off the do-not-disturb setting). If a patrol doesn’t have a cell phone that they can use, an alternative means of communication will be provided. The purpose of the cell phone is for communication to and from the Event Staff during the night. Official Communications will not be counted against patrols, but it is encouraged to keep it to a minimum.

Morse Code will be used at some time during the event. You will not be transmitting Morse Code. You do not have to know Morse Code but will have to work as a team to decode it using a speed translator chart. A decoder card can be found under RESOURCES. The following is the way it is done:

  • One patrol member seeing and repeating the code as given.
  • A second patrol member writing it down.
  • A third patrol member decoding it using the translator chart.


Patrol discipline is mandatory. You will be hiking at night in the woods. The score of your patrol depends on how you handle the patrol.


Next to the patrol leader he is most important. No one can get behind Tail End Charlie. Each patrol will start and end with the same number of patrol members (if a patrol member must leave their patrol prior to the end of the event, ie. feeling unwell, communicate with the Event Staff concerning this so that all patrol members remain accounted for).

Note: Every member ought to be assigned a position or an assistant for a position. One member can hold more than one position and be an assistant as needed. Navigator really should have an assistant (or two). Put your people where you think they will best serve the good of the patrol. Change assignments as you see fit throughout the night. Work together as a team. As patrol leader, you should make decisions based on the recommendations given you by the experts you have chosen.

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