Patrol Equipment Requirements

Knowing what to do is half the battle. Having the supplies to do it, is also important. Here is a list of the equipment we HIGHLY suggest that you bring as a Patrol and as an Individual.

Patrol Equipment

You are not limited to these things but these are the things that you will need. (Bolded items are items most often forgotten…)

This is the type of compass you should have.
  • 2 Orienteering Compasses (see picture)
  • 2 approximately 4ft to 5ft staves (strong walking sticks)
  • 1 blanket approximately 4 feet by 4 feet (or a small tarp)
  • 2 maps (given at event)
  • 1 set of instructions (given at event)
  • Paper & Pencil/Pen for taking notes
  • A Trailmen book, outdoor skills book, or other resources (optional)
  • 1 Morse Code translator chart (given at event)
  • 1 First Aid kit
  • Matches and/or flint & steel. No lighters.
  • Firestarters/Tinder (must be in a sandwich size bag); no lighter fluid or gasoline; home-made fire starters are allowed.
  • Collect firewood when you arrive at camp; no outside firewood.

No patrol may use liquid or gas accelerates. Homemade fire starters are fine. Only one SANDWICH size ziplock bag of firestarters and tinder is allowed to be used at the Fire station.

You may NOT bring firewood in with you. You CAN collect firewood when you arrive at camp.

Personal Equipment

This is not a complete list of everything you need to bring but rather a list of things we HIGHLY suggest you bring for the actual event. You are responsible for tents, clothes, food, etc for the weekend.

  • Long pants (you will be hiking through the woods at night where trails might not exist)
  • Jacket (if temperatures are cool)
  • Flashlight (and extra batteries)
  • Water bottle
  • Energy bar/trail snacks
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